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About us

BKtel was founded 1997 as a result of a management buy-out from Alcatel Cable and has currently a workforce of approx. 100 employees worldwide. The company is based in two locations in Germany, the headquarters in Hückelhoven-Baal, near Düsseldorf, and a second office in Kornwesthelm, near Stuttgart. Further international offices were founded in Japan, Indonesia and Chile (South America).

The company develops and manufactures products in the field of interactive FTTH, Video Overlay, RFoG and HFC networks for high performance data, telephone and cable TV services. The active and passive components are designed and manufactured in company-own facilities. The high quality products as well as the comprehensive support in designing optical networks make BKtel to one of the leading international suppliers in the FTTH and HFC market.

Products and services

Bktel develops complete FTTH, Video Overlay, RFoG and HFC
broadband networks and related network management. The product portfolio includes a wide range of products starting from optical transmitters, optical amplifiers, optical receivers, optical return channel systems, customer premises equipment up to DWDM technology for upstream and downstream applications. The own manufacturing facilities guarantee a high quality standard (ISO 9001 certified). Furthermore the company offers a complete range of services such as planning, installation and training.

RF video overlay solutions for FTTH PON

RF video overlay solutions for FTTH PON

BKtel offers RF or satellite video overlay solutions for PON networks such as PtP, GPON, GEPON, 10GEPON, NGPON2 etc. The video overlay solution offers a very cost efficient path to be applied on PONs to offer advanced video services such as HDTV (2k-TV), VHDTV (4k-TV) as well as future UHDT (8k-TV) without the need for high investments in the IP backbone routers and network.



With the new EASY GPON solution BKtel completes its portfolio for FTTH ONUs supporting Ethernet P-t-P and also PON topologies . The new GPON device is designed to work in the BKtel XON30.W wall mount which enables a very flexible way of fiber management and fiber security. EASY GPON is a very cost efficient solution supporting common GPON OLTs.

Rugged optical amplifier platform

Rugged optical amplifier platform

BKtel introduces its new optical amplifier platform for use in FTTx RF video overlay. These products are the successors of the well-known OVSxE series in a new rugged design. They are designated to work in outdoor cabinets in combination with telco style PON solutions whereas the special optical filters allow the use of both standard GPON and also next generation PON systems as XGPON or NGPON2.


BKtel communications GmbH
Benzstr. 4
41836 Hueckelhoven

Phone: +49 2433 91220
Fax: +49 2433 912299

Nils Stump
International Sales
Phone: +49 2433 912257

BKtel representatve Office German Centre Indonesia
German Centre Indonesia Jl. Kapt. Subijanto Dj.,Bumi Serpong Damai
15321 Tangerang

Phone: +62 21 5376179

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